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What I’ve been reading in 2015

What I’ve been reading in 2015

What I’ve been reading in 2015

 This entry is part 1 of 10 in the series 2015 Reading Review

It’s been another full year of reading. Divided into eight categories, check out particular recommendations by following the links.

  1. Short Christian books – a whole batch of short, easy reads covering a range of topics, and one top recommendation
  2. Christian ministry and Evangelism – a range of books enthusing and equipping Christians to abound in the work of the Lord
  3. Sex and relationships – whether it’s engaging with the cultural debate, battling ourselves or simply understanding what the Bible has to say, there was lots to read on this topic in 2015
  4. End Times – just a few books on this, but as an important and often misunderstood topic, it was a valuable thing to spend some time thinking about
  5. Christian biography – I didn’t read much in this category, but both books were fierce competitors for the best book I read in 2015, so it deserves its own category
  6. Miscellaneous Christian – “the rest” – and there were several. It’s a slightly broader range (within the realm of ‘Christian books’), from theological works to practical Christian living
  7. Popular fiction – the kind of book you’d find lots of people have read
  8. Literary fiction – mainly for book club: fiction with added meaning!

For a summary of the top books, click here.

And if you’ve got any recommendations for 2016, please make sure you let me know – or comment below!

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