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I’ve been reading … short Christian books

I’ve been reading … short Christian books

I’ve been reading … short Christian books

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I won’t deny that I particularly like reading short Christian books because the sense of achievement is so great at the end – “I’ve finished another book…” But they can also be a useful introduction to topics, which is the case for most of these. And sometimes, like in the case of my top recommendation for this category, a topic doesn’t need a lengthy book, it just needs someone to sit down and spend a little bit of time thinking about it.


It’s worth clarifying that “The Holy Spirit” by Kevin DeYoung is only available as an eBook.The two Christmas books are both designed to be appropriate for people who might be looking into Christian things.


And my top recommendation for this category isĀ How to walk into church by Tony Payne. It’s such a good book, when I’d finished I instantly bought extra copies to give away. It sounds like a stupid title, doesn’t it? But it’s a great encouragement to partner in the ministry that all Christians are engaged in – and it starts even before you step through those doors…

Honourable mention

1 Thessalonians by Julia Marsden is the best devotional book I read last year. It’s accessible, ideal for brand new Christians but great for older Christians to be reminded of the basics.


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