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I’ve been reading … about Christian ministry and evangelism

I’ve been reading … about Christian ministry and evangelism

I’ve been reading … about Christian ministry and evangelism

 This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series 2015 Reading Review

There are lots of books in this category, and a whole bunch were released in the past few years. This is the selection that I managed to work through, and I struggled to pick my top one, so I’ve ended up going for two!

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honestevangelismMy top recommendations are Honest Evangelism by Rico Tice and Carl Laferton, and Preach by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert.

Honest Evangelism manages to do exactly what I was hoping for – motivated me to do evangelism! It was a great combination of theology and practice that hugely encouraged me to take the gospel out. Did I agree with everything in it? Of course not – there are no perfect books. But I was persuaded enough that it’s my top recommendation on the topic (after the Bible), and started giving it away within weeks! It’s a great encouragement to proclaim our awesome, urgent message. Have you read it? What do you think?

preachPreach is essentially exactly what it says on the tin, but what it does particularly well is make the case for expository preaching – that is, letting the message of the text be the message of the sermon. Why not let God set the agenda when we’re preaching, rather than darting around all over the Bible? Why not let the context (that is, the rest of this Bible book, and the rest of the Bible) help us understand this particular passage? I plan to recommend this to anyone who I have the privilege of encouraging in preaching – the experienced, as well as the newbies!

Honourable mention

Unleash the Word by Karen Soole does a great job of demystifying Bible studies, without saying “anything goes”. We’re handling God’s word, so we want to do it right – but we want to unleash it, rather than making it a painful experience. A great read.

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