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I’ve been reading … about sex and relationships

I’ve been reading … about sex and relationships

I’ve been reading … about sex and relationships

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Working with students – and living in the 21st century! – this topic comes up a lot. Combine a whole barrage of new titles with the seminar I was giving to a bunch of medical students on Valentine’s day, this was inevitably going to be a substantial topic. Here’s the titles that I read:

finallyfreerevolutionarysexplausibilityproblemwhatteachhomosexuality samesexmarriageandchurchlaw

Taylor’s “Revolutionary Sex” is a book-form of an excellent sermon series that transfers well topaperback and would make a great read, touring the whole issue of sex and relationships. It’s the broadest of the titles that I read, and pretty short, but a fairly easy read and an excellent foundation in this important area.

“Same Sex Marriage and Church Law” was going free on kindle and purported to present a ‘liberal evangelical’ approach the topic. While intrigued to understand those coming from a different position to me, it was disheartening to hear the frequent call to ignore parts of the Bible.

“Finally Free”, considering the topic of pornography, was probably too triumphalistic and relied too heavily on practical suggestions (“accountability partners”), but had some good encouragements to make use of the Bible’s motivations to godly living.

Everything I read of Kevin DeYoung is fantastic; his title, “What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality” is no exception. But the recommendation goes to…


Ed Shaw’s The Plausibility Problem wins because it is timely, readable and extends the debate beyond the immediately presenting issue. Rather than focusing exclusively on the Bible’s teaching on sex and relationships (which is clear – see Taylor’s “Revolutionary Sex”) – Shaw demonstrates that there are numerous ways in which we undermine the Bible’s teaching in the way that we talk about other issues. Do we think the Bible’s solution on the issue of same sex attraction is heterosexuality? Are we expecting life as a Christian to be difficult? There are numerous ways that this book challenges all of us, whatever our experience of this particular issue, and I strongly recommend this book.

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