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I’ve been reading … about the end times

I’ve been reading … about the end times

I’ve been reading … about the end times

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How often people get obsessed about things the Bible says very little about! And yet the things the Bible does talk about regarding the ‘end times’ are huge. These are three books that I ended up reading last year, only one of which was recommended to me – and it’s the one I recommend to you!

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“Eternity Changes Everything” was a great read, with an awesome push to recognise the massive changes that eternity makes on my life now; “restless patience” is a really helpful perspective. But the chapter on loving the world more was a huge disappointment. Yes, we are moved to love one another, but improving the earth we live on now was a baffling implication to draw.

“How will the world end?” is another good addition to the ‘Questions Christians ask’ series from the Good Book Company. I haven’t read all of them, but what I’ve read from this series has been great. As always, writing on this topic will highlight areas that Christians disagree, but this was a good, short and easy read.


My top recommendation is Graham Beynon’s book. It’s a slightly fuller treatment than the other two, and an excellent book driven by numerous key Bible passages on the topic. It rightly aims to get us to wonder at the awesome new creation and gave me wonderful things to contemplate about the future. Most importantly, it left me feeling like I’d been helped to see what God has announced on this topic. Please read this!

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