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I’ve been reading… non-fiction

I’ve been reading… non-fiction

I’ve been reading… non-fiction

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Only one non-fiction book this year, and in fact I finished it all the way back in January. But it’s a cracker!

whatifWhat if? (Randall Munroe)

Imagine you came up with an absurd hypothetical scenario and then played it out scientifically. In this highly entertaining book, that’s exactly what Randall Munroe has done – interspersing various stick-figure sketches through his good-humoured explanations to lighten the tone even more! It’s an amazing collection of the weird and the wonderful, handled with surprising scientific rigour without becoming dull.

Of course, if you don’t like this kind of scientific approach, you’ll find it inconsolably dull. But as someone who can follow (most of) the science, and who enjoys seeing how an innocent-sounding scenario leads to the end of the planet, it was a great read. This gift from Christmas 2015 was a particular highlight, and one that I’ll enjoy flicking through again in the future.

Being the only non-Christian non-fiction book I read this year, this was of course my favourite in this category!

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