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…and the winner is?

…and the winner is?

…and the winner is?

 This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series 2016 Reading Review

As with last year, it’s probably worth mentioning my favourite book overall.

This year it’s a challenge, as I’ve read some absolute classics. As mentioned on the page about Christian classics, they all deserve being read – please, go ahead and do so!

The top books end up coming from the fiction category, however, and it’s hard to choose between them.

spy1It was The Spy Who Came in from the Cold that pushed Le Carré into the spotlight – and deservedly so. It is a carefully crafted tale with all of the features for which Le Carré went on to be famous, but with something special that I can’t quite put my finger on.

If you’ve never read any Le Carré, go away and read this. Even if you have, return to the place where it (kind of) all began…

narniaHaving said all of that, the books I have most enjoyed reading (by a considerable margin) were the books from the Chronicles of Narnia. Even beyond ‘the Horse and His Boy’ (which was my favourite of them all), they were collectively the best books that I read in 2016. Some of that is nostalgia; some of that is the quaint style; and some of it is the surprise that came from having entirely forgotten the plot.

But, apart from some significant and unfortunate errors (see e.g. comments on the Last Battle), his insightful comments on the Christian life are well worth reading and re-reading – and I intend to do so…

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