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What I’ve been reading in 2014

What I’ve been reading in 2014

What I’ve been reading in 2014

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Jonathan Carswell – of 10ofthose.com fame – once recommended to me reading fifteen minutes per day as a way of getting through lots of books in a year. It took my a while to take on his advice, but with a combination of that, and taking advantage of other opportunities to sit back and read, I’ve made it through over 40 books in 2014.

That’s partly because I am bookish. I like to read. I rather fancy filling a day off with my feet up, a nice coffee and a good book.

But it’s also partly because I’ve recognised that reading is a really valuable thing. Most importantly, reading the Bible – which is, after all, the way that God has chosen to reveal Himself to us. But with some helpful advice from a great book called Lit, I’ve realised the benefit of other reading too – as reflected in the books that I’ve read this year.

Some have been much longer than others, and there are still some that I’m half way through, but I thought it might be useful for others to benefit from some reflections of I’ve made of the books I’ve read, and so here is an annotated list of most of the books I’ve read through 2014. In each category, I’ve highlighted one particular book that I’d especially recommend.

Have you read any of these? What did you make of them? Any recommendations for 2015?

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